I made some decent progress on our website today. I edited the Present Day page to include an updated StoryMap, to which I added images from Wikimedia Commons and Flikr Creative Commons. I am considering adding slides to the StoryMap to include a brief introduction to two more key issues, Medicaid and education, that Senator Hawley brought up in our interview with him. However, the StoryMap is already somewhat lengthy, and I am concerned about possible redundancy once we fill out the rest of the site. I will probably have to come back to the StoryMap after I finish some other pages so I can add or remove slides to make the StoryMap function more as an interactive overview of the current movement.

I also updated the homepage to include an image, and I edited some of the text to remove some potentially irrelevant or redundant information that will be or is already included in other sections of the site. Currently the homepage includes a brief introduction to the movement, aimed at giving an overview of the main concerns and actors.

Me trying to insert images

After some struggles with adding an image to the homepage, I decided to add images to the About Us page just as an exercise in figuring out how to format images nicely within a page. I had some trouble getting the text to wrap around images in a way that made sense, but I mostly figured it out.

I also made some updates to the project contract. I edited the tools and design section to more accurately reflect what tools we are using and the theme we have chosen. I updated the schedule section to include the final contract due date, as well as who is working on what pages over spring break.