Today I put up a rough draft of the Politicians page of our website. This page currently consists of two main sections that detail Assemblyman Hawley’s and Senator Robach’s opinions and actions regarding upstate New York Secession. I included an image gallery for each legislator with photos highlighting their work on issues relevant to secession, such as economic development of upstate New York and repealing the SAFE Act. I retrieved these images from news sources and social media. However, it is difficult to cite them in the gallery format, as the caption space is very small. Currently I have put the source in the title of each image so that it is shown when you hover over it. In Assemblyman Hawley’s section, I included a breakdown of his views on several issues relating to secession, including the reasons for secession, how the 2016 Presidential Election has invigorated the movement for secession, and his proposed actions. In Senator Robach’s section, I included an overview of the referendum he has proposed as well as the statement he gave us when we reached out to him. This page will likely evolve as we develop our website more. Specifically, I would like to make it more engaging somehow, as right now it is mostly blocks of text.