Since we worked on the draft of our site over spring break, this week I’ve been working on design things and adding in analysis. Maria and I experimented with the Parabola theme, but we both decided we liked Hemingway better for our site. I also tried to adjust the pages so that the text takes up more of the page, but I could not figure out how to do it at all. If anyone knows of some simple fix that I’m just not seeing, let me know! I also reordered the subpages under the Present page. Going forward, I am planning on changing the slideshows on the Politicians page to match the ones Maria made for several of the other pages, because I think they look nicer and allow for a slightly longer caption in a bigger font size.

I am in the early stages of adding analysis to the Politicians subpage and the Future page. On the Politicians page, I added a section currently titled “Political Leadership Analysis” in which I will discuss the legislators’ strategy, the response by other legislators, and the legislators’ methods of interacting with constituents (as it relates to secession). I also added an analysis section to the Future page, where we will talk about the likelihood of secession, whether secession is a good solution, and some possible alternatives to secession. I have a rough outline of what will go under each subheading for both the Politicians and Future pages, so I am hoping to have a more complete version of this up in the next week.

Since our site is currently very text-heavy, I am considering either adding more images, slideshows, or other elements to break up the text or creating more subpages somewhere for analysis content. I am unsure which is the better option since relevant images can be hard to find for our particular movement, and I don’t want navigating the site to be complicated or unclear. Right now I am leaning towards creating more pages, but I will have to think of a neat and organized way to do that.