Based on feedback from today’s class, Maria and I have made some changes to our website. We are taking the excellent suggestion of including opposition voices and running with it. We have added a tab for Opposition Voices, with subpages for Issue Based Opposition (where we plan on having videos from anti-fracking, anti-gun, and other related perspectives) and for Downstate New York Secession. I also have restructured the Future section into subpages to make it more user-friendly (and to completely avoid having to use the word analysis). The Future parent page now provides an overview of the questions discussed in its subpages. I have linked the subpages within this overview for directed navigational purposes, so these links do not open in a new tab. I’m not sure if I like these links because they aren’t really consistent with the way the rest of the site is organized, so I may remove them later. If anyone has feedback on the way this section is organized and the hyperlinks in particular, I would love to hear it. Also, suggestions for alternate names for the Political Leadership Analysis page are welcome.