3/29, Update Post

Nate and I have been reading through the books that we have collected such as History of Vermont by Ira Allen and others that cover more specific topics. The Ira Allen book is a primary source and a wealth of information for us. We are also getting along okay with the Vermont History Journals (from the Vermont Historical website). We have found some good secondary articles to help us bring new perspectives to the historical events surrounding the major events of the Vermont Secession movement. Building the rough draft went pretty well. One WordPress issues is: we have our “parent tabs,” but the pages underneath them will not rank in order even if we enter it in the order. We plan on asking IT if we cannot figure it out during class tomorrow. The actual esthetics of our sight is rough still (e.g. plain). The good news is, we have a solid outline for what we want to do for our pages and we should have enough sources to get the job done. We plan on using the next two weeks to finish up our pages completely. Then the third week will be for ascetics of our websites (color, pictures, etc).  Then April 20-23 will be for finishing touches.

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