The Shakers have origins and share some principles and practices with Quaker sects that were also founded in England. These include, among others, equality, pacifism, meetings of worship, and the concept of the “Clergy of Brethren”.  Specific information of Quaker Society can be found on the 2017 MCLA COPLAC Digital History website

It was in North America that this religion thrived for decades, and continues to survive to present-day. From 1787 to 1836 over 20 Shaker communities were formally established, reaching a peak population of approximately 5000. Many of the earliest leaders of the religion came from Western Massachusetts, including Mother Lucy Wright and Father Joseph Meacham, the first American converts to preside over the Shakers. The third community to be established was in Hancock, Massachusetts, eventually encompassing 3000 acres of forest and farmland. The Hancock community, known as “The City of Peace”, served as a home to as many as 300 Shakers between 1790 and 1959, and currently survives as a living history museum.