Final Quaker Contract


Our project aims to examine the many conceptions and definitions of secession through the lens of the 17th-century Quaker community. The project will cover about 1650 to 1690 which is a period that includes the events leading up to and immediately after the falling out between the Quakers and Puritans. This will examine this period as a case study in what defines a secessionist movement, and will evaluate what is needed to have a secession based on the different aspects that are specific to the Quaker and Puritan conflict.

We hope to create a user-friendly, engaging site that allows high school teachers and students to easily understand the Quaker story and also interact with the information in a meaningful way. To accomplish this goal we want to make the physical journey of the Quakers the visual centerpiece of our project. We intend to use a geographical timeline as a main feature of our website with the addition of other visual tools to express the material.

Possible Tools:




-Possibly videos, photos, etc.


February 20th—Final contract due  

March 27th—Website Rough Draft due

Beginning of April- Visit to Archive

April 24—Final Project due



-responsible for at least 5-7 sources

-synthesizing narrative to develop Map/Timeline

-establishing contact with local Quaker group/other distant archives and groups


-responsible for at least 5-7 sources

-establishing contact with local archives

-finding accurate images and other supplementary material for website

We will meet every Thursday to discuss project status and work that has been/needs to be done.

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