Progress Update!

Monday night, Abi and I worked on the format of our website. About three hours later, we have created what is up today. I’m feeling much more comfortable about the flow of the website and its overall look. I’m hoping it is less “jagged” than it was before. I know I have one page to […]


I created a whole page for the secession of Virginia to help better explain the political push towards West Virginia’s secession and then I realized that most of this information is already on the causes page. So after nearly completing it, I had to scrap it. I don’t want redundant information on the website, so […]

Progress Post

Unfortunately, my Grandfather passed away this week. It has been very difficult for me but I’m holding up as best as I can. I have had appointments with the health and counseling services here on campus. As for the project, I have a rough outline of what I want for my pages. I have completed […]

Spring Break Progress

This break was not restful for me at all! I’ve been very busy in Florida with my Grandfather and his declining health. That being said, in my spare time I have looked through some of the collections in the digital archives of West Virginia University. In them, I have found more personal accounts of the […]

Secondary Source Bibliography

  “1830 Virginia Constitution.” West Virginia Archives and History. Accessed February 26, 2017.   African American Registry. “West Virginia Created by Secession from Southern Confederate State.” African American Registry. Accessed February 24, 2017.   “A State of Convenience: The Creation of West Virginia.” West Virginia Archives and History. Accessed February 26, 2017. […]

Project Contract

  For this project we will be researching the secession of Western Virginia from Virginia during the early American Civil War. West Virginia secession took place both as a result of pro-Union sentiment and a strong opposition to taking part in a war advocated by elite Virginians. Over the previous fifty years, Western Virginians increasingly […]