Project Contract

  For this project we will be researching the secession of Western Virginia from Virginia during the early American Civil War. West Virginia secession took place both as a result of pro-Union sentiment and a strong opposition to taking part in a war advocated by elite Virginians. Over the previous fifty years, Western Virginians increasingly […]

Communities of Discourse

    This piece was extremely fascinating to me. Wuthnow takes the first half of this piece to discuss how an ideology becomes a major movement. He begins with “articulation” meaning that a group must define the parameters of their core beliefs…separating them from the mainstream practices that are popular during their time. This provides […]

Ozment/Keillor on Protestantism

Ozment heavily discusses the political side of Protestantism. He argues that the Protestants had just as many political and financial issues with the Church as they did spiritual conflicts. For one, the Pope would assign people positions of power within the Church, regardless of their capability to handle such a position, to the highest financial […]