The perhaps easiest way to sum up the Furies is by describing them as radical, lesbian-feminist separatist. As hinted at in other sections of the website separatism was a crucial aspect of their radical ideology. Separatism is characterized by individuals deciding to break away from the dominant culture and form their own insular communities. In some way, dominant culture has failed these people, and they seek solace in separation. Previous social movements had failed the Furies, alienating them from leftist organizations. Separatism provided the opportunity for the Furies to establish a community. Essentially, the Furies believed that by separating themselves from the dominant United States culture they could strengthen their ideology, their institutions, and their bonds contributing to the execution of the patriarchy. Although there is some debate regarding whether or not the Furies are a separatist group, it seems evident to us that due to their motivations and the collective’s ideology that the Furies were separatists.

Image Credit: “The Furies Collective Nomination,” pg. 61, Joan Biren, 1972, public domain.