Missouri State Archives Visit

So this Thursday, I went to the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City. I was there for about 4 hours going through documents and correspondence that involved John M. Dalton, the governor of Missouri during the McDonald Territory situation. Most of the correspondence I found was just people telling him to support this proposed mental health bill. But I did find 3 documents that specifically mentioned McDonald County. One of those documents was a Senate resolution that agreed to form a committee with members from Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma to investigate the situation in McDonald county and determine whether or not they should support the formation of a 51st state from McDonald County, Missouri; Benton County, Arkansas; and Delaware County, Oklahoma. I found this pretty interesting.

I then tried to see if I could get information on state funding my county but they told me it was too late to pull boxes. But then one of the workers there showed me a way to request documents from the archives online. So that is what I am planning on doing.

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