McDonald Territory Website Update

So Jonas and I have been hard at work on the website the last few days and have gotten most of the first draft completed. Yesterday, I met with Jonas and he gave me a source that he got from the McDonald County Historical Society that gives a great account of the McDonald County secession. It helped me a whole lot with some of the pages that I have created. The other day I was able to put together the page on the McDonald Territory Border Guard and finished editing it today, though I may still add more text content later. Today, I also used the sources we had to put together the Outside Correspondences page and The Battle of Noel page. I plan on adding more to these pages, but more specifically the Outside Correspondence page. In that page I briefly mention that there were talks of McDonald County joining Oklahoma or possibly be given back to the natives, but I have focused on the correspondence between McDonald Territory and Arkansas. I hope to get more info on the talks with the natives and Oklahoma and put a bit of that in there as well. Tomorrow I will work on the Governor John Dalton Speaks page under reconciliation and get that finished up. I think that our project is coming along very well so far.

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