Final Reflection

When I first heard about this class, I was both excited and intimidated. The idea of communicating with people from different universities, doing a semester-long research project, and building a website around it seemed challenging but worth it. I was interested in secession because of the current division in our political system and around the […]

Another Update

Over the past couple of days Kendall and I have drastically changed the format of the site. We have split each of the pages into smaller sections to become their own pages, and put each of these under their own menu headers. I’m pretty happy with how it looks now. I also worked on finding […]

Progress Update

This week I spent researching additional details for analysis on the website. During this process I found this map which was interesting, but I wasn’t sure if I could use it as a valid source for why northwest Virginia voted to secede from Virginia. There is certainly a correlation between the counties that seceding, but voting […]

Progress this Week

This week has been a difficult one for me. I found out on Thursday that the housing I had set up for next year had fallen through, and since then have been trying to find a new place on short notice. As you can imagine, this has been stressful. Nonetheless, I have made some decent […]

Drafting a Website

Over the last week and especially this last weekend I have focused on finding more primary sources and using them to write and upload a thorough draft of the Causes page for our website. I have also added my Storymap to our Home page, updated our secondary source bibliography, written and uploaded a draft of […]

Progress Update

Kendall and I were planning to drive up to the University of West Virginia to visit their archives during this week. Unfortunately we were unable due to her grandfather’s declining health and my own trip to see my grandparents. Fortunately they are in better health than I had anticipated. Due to this setback, I have […]