Abi Stephens and Kendall Rankin Project Contract

For this project we will be researching the secession of Western Virginia from Virginia during the early American Civil War. This will include the background and information of secessionists and the immediate aftereffects of the secession. Our goal is to provide accessible resources for people interested in West Virginia’s secession and secession movements in general. To accomplish this goal, we intend to build an easy-to-use website with multiple pages outlining the causes of the secession and the consequences of it. It will also include a citation page to ensure our resources are properly cited. We intend to use WordPress, StoryMap JS, and Timeline JS in building our website.


-Every Wednesday before class we will meet in person to discuss how the project is going-


Monday, February 13: Contract Draft Due

Monday, February 20: Project Contract Due

Monday, February 27: StoryMap and Timeline Due

Monday, March 13-14: Visit to Archive

Monday, March 27: Rough Draft of Website Due

Monday, April 24: Final Project Due
Each of us will be responsible for either the StoryMap or the Timeline. Each of us are responsible for constructing half of the pages for our website. We plan to travel to the archives together, so that the research will be split 50/50. Each of us is responsible for contacting and negotiating with one archivist for our archival visits.

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