Progress Update

Kendall and I were planning to drive up to the University of West Virginia to visit their archives during this week. Unfortunately we were unable due to her grandfather’s declining health and my own trip to see my grandparents. Fortunately they are in better health than I had anticipated.

Due to this setback, I have looked at all the findings aids for the materials we had planned to examine and identified the ones that seem like they would be most useful for our projects. Once this was done I sent an email to the archivists at UWV to request their assistance in scanning or sending any of these materials to us. I have also noted several other related pieces that are available online, including a collection of telegrams to and from Francis Harrison Pierpont, who served as governor for the Restored Government of Virginia during the Civil War, and one of photographs associated with a soldier named Fabricius A. Cather.

I have also created several new pages for our site and experimented with their formatting so as to best display our material.

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