Drafting a Website

Over the last week and especially this last weekend I have focused on finding more primary sources and using them to write and upload a thorough draft of the Causes page for our website. I have also added my Storymap to our Home page, updated our secondary source bibliography, written and uploaded a draft of our “About COPLACDigital” page, and added a bio for myself on our “About Us” page. Virginia Memory and wvculture.org have been invaluable for finding good primary sources. I love when I can find scans of handwritten letters, though they are often harder to read. I hope that my handwriting is never bad enough that someone can’t decide whether I meant to write “locals” or “souls”. (It was souls, as I confirmed from another source.)

I am still trying to decide which photos we should use on the website and I cannot upload the ones from West Virginia History OnView without signing the acceptable use form, which requires having decided which photos to use so that I can indicate it on the form… In other words, I will work with Kendall to make the final selections and should be able to upload the ones we choose within the next week.

Lori Hostuttler at the West Virginia and Regional History Center had emailed me had said that she would try to get some scanned materials to me by Friday, but she must not have been able to get to it yet. Either way she’s been friendly and helpful and I appreciate that.

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