About Us

Our names are Anthony Mastrantonio and Nate Schnittman. We are both upperclassman history majors at the University of Illinois at Springfield.  We have done plenty of online research, but this was our first experience building an interactive website. It is our hope that this website can be used as a valuable tool for other undergraduate or graduate students that are doing research on Vermont and/or secession movements.


This website is sponsored through the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC). Its construction was supervised by Dr. Kenneth Owen, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Illinois at Springfield and Dr. Mary Beth Mathews, Associate Professor of Religion at University of Mary Washington.

Below is a link to our Spring 2017 class home page. We have 10 fellow classmates that worked hard this semester and completed websites on secession as well. We all worked together and helped one another with our sites as the class progressed. What has made this class unique is the multi-university collaboration. The creators of the other websites are students from different parts of the country ranging from Utah to Upstate New York. Each site presents a new topic and a different perspective on how secession has effected modern or past communities. We encourage you to click on the link below and look through the rest of the websites authored by our classmates.
Link Provided Here: http://divided.coplacdigital.org/

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