This course has felt like, since the beginning, a very different course from anything I have ever taken. I have felt more connected to everyone involved in this course, and closer to everyone involved in this course since the very first day of class, and I think the fact that we have been encouraged to […]


While the past two weeks have been incredibly busy with both Madeleine and I, we have both been working on research into sources to use for our project. I recently forward the email of the contact I have spoken to at UMass Amherst to Madeleine for her to set up her trip and have some […]

Final Quaker Contract

Goal: Our project aims to examine the many conceptions and definitions of secession through the lens of the 17th-century Quaker community. The project will cover about 1650 to 1690 which is a period that includes the events leading up to and immediately after the falling out between the Quakers and Puritans. This will examine this […]

Working Bibliography of Secondary Sources

Baltzell, E. Digby. Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia. New York: Free Press, 1980. Gevitz, Norman. “”Pray Let the Medicines Be Good”: The New England Apothecary in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries.” Pharmacy in History 41, no. 3 (1999): 87-101. Jordan, David W. “”Gods Candle” within Government: Quakers and Politics in Early Maryland.” The […]

Klaw’s “Without Sin”

In Klaw’s analysis of the communist utopian society at Oneida, New York beginning in 1848 looks at what we, at this point, would consider to be the typical religious cult, based in free love, communal lifestyles, and a personality cult around the leader, John Humphrey Noyes. One of the biggest aspects of the community was an […]

Sorens’ Secession

In Jason Sorens’ piece on secession, there is an important distinction between the ideas of secession and secessionism. To define these not only as separate points, but also to articulate them as within their own categories, the difference between action and theory, provides a set up for the discussion that he proceeds to give. Even […]


Hi all! I am Elizabeth Kurz Michel (but feel free to call me Liz), I am originally from Rochester, NY, and I am a senior in my last semester at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, majoring in History and minoring in English. I am currently in the process of applying for graduate schools in Library […]