This course has felt like, since the beginning, a very different course from anything I have ever taken. I have felt more connected to everyone involved in this course, and closer to everyone involved in this course since the very first day of class, and I think the fact that we have been encouraged to blog and interact with each other throughout it has been a significant part of that.

The research that I have done in this class, both on my own and with the help of Madeleine, has been truly fun. I have enjoyed looking at the idea of secession as not just an action but also as a concept, and this has provided me with the ability to think about how that relates to many of the other projects I am going to take on in the future.I have felt challenged throughout this entire course as well, not like I am not only working to get the project done, but also in the sense that my ability to conduct research is being tested. I love that every time we have a discussion in class, we are pushed to question each other and to question ourselves, in a way that we are working together in order to grow our understanding of the concepts we are looking at.

This course is one that I feel I will take the tools from to use through my graduate career beginning in the fall and into my professional life. I am very grateful to have been able to be a part of this course, and to have gotten to know everyone else involved.

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