Learning Outcomes

[Last Updated: 27th January 2017]

The following learning outcomes are the standard outcomes across all COPLACDigital courses.

Every student will:

  • Develop a familiarity with diverse methods and processes of digital liberal arts and utilization of technological resources in research, data analysis, and presentation
  • Work together cooperatively and creatively
  • Conduct research in a variety of settings and media
  • Demonstrate application of critical analysis, written, and oral communication skills through the website and oral presentations
  • Gain an understanding of the course subject and content and to effectively communicate the content to the public using digital technology.

Students are expected to attend all class sessions or view the class sessions online and meet with professors as needed/required, read all assigned texts, and participate in class.

Students are also responsible for submitting all project drafts and the final product by the contracted due date. Assignments are considered late if turned in/posted any time after the appointed due date. Late projects will be penalized one half letter grade per day.