Progress Update!

Monday night, Abi and I worked on the format of our website. About three hours later, we have created what is up today. I’m feeling much more comfortable about the flow of the website and its overall look. I’m hoping it is less “jagged” than it was before. I know I have one page to put content on left, but otherwise I think the site is mainly done other than the feedback we get today, some photographs, and citations. All of which, I am confident will be completed before the beginning of next week. I’m now feeling a lot better about the site and I think Abi is too, which is a relief. I’ve had a lot of assignments due here at the beginning of the week, so I wasn’t able to do as much work on the site before today as I would have liked, but I think the time spent on the format of the website really was in our favor. After today, my involvement will be extremely heavy in this site. Like I said, I’ve just had many papers due this week and other various projects.

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