Spring Break Progress

This break was not restful for me at all! I’ve been very busy in Florida with my Grandfather and his declining health. That being said, in my spare time I have looked through some of the collections in the digital archives of West Virginia University. In them, I have found more personal accounts of the secession of West Virginia and the roles they played in the Civil War. I was looking to find a more personal account of what really happened in this time instead of just the facts of what really happened. For me, it is extremely important to get the sentiment of the people in this time. I think presenting this through personal accounts will help draw people into the website a little more and it will also keep visitors engaged with it. I have also emailed the head of special collections here at UNCA to see if he knew of any other online resources that Abi and I might not have come across. We really wanted to visit the archives in West Virginia, but it is a six hour drive one way. Between the time restraints of classes and our jobs and the finances to get there (and possibly renting a room) it just did not seem feasible. However, I am hoping to see if any archives closer to us have any information that will be useful for our research.

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