I created a whole page for the secession of Virginia to help better explain the political push towards West Virginia’s secession and then I realized that most of this information is already on the causes page. So after nearly completing it, I had to scrap it. I don’t want redundant information on the website, so it didn’t really make sense to have this page in the first place I suppose. I just put a lot of hard work into something that won’t be on the site instead of working on something else and I’m mainly just frustrated with myself. However, I have finally uploaded the photos on the “Political Profiles” page, so now it is looking even better than before. I want to spice the page up a bit more…but I’m not entirely sure how. I’ve included photographs of the men and I’ve included hyperlinks to two different collections we used to do research for this project. I have also linked the site to transcriptions of documents that came out of the conventions that are discussed on the page. Does anyone have any suggestions? It’s the point of the semester where the creativity has died and I hate every idea I come up with.

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