Progress Report for 4/17

So, I am currently finishing up the “Aftermath” page for our site. I think it is going rather well, but now I am thinking about the flow of the website more instead of content. I really am trying to make it so that the pages are cohesive and that they tie together instead of it being a hotbed of information. I’m now starting to think that I might have to break up some sections into other pages so that I can link them to other parts of the website. Unless someone knows how to link to a specific article section on a page…in which case, help? I’m also thinking about analysis in the site. I want to really make sure it’s clear. Like I mentioned before, I think this site is ultimately going to turn out to be a history version of SparkNotes, where the events and people are explained, and then the analysis is on the following page. I really want it to be simple, so that someone in high school doing a report can really understand what happened in the movement itself before delving into analysis. That way, if anything, they can understand the events of the movement. Then, if they want to read an interpretation of the events they can. I think this method really gives people a chance to think about the events and come up with their own interpretation before giving ours to the audience. I think it’s a good way of engaging high school students, because if they read our analysis first, then that is what they are going to agree with and write about instead of taking the time to really put things together themselves (Or was I the only one who was kind of guilty of that in high school?)

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