Sandra Davis, Secretary of the Deposit Gas Group and a County Leader for the Divide New York Caucus and mother of three, is concerned about educational and economic issues that stem from the governor’s office and a legislature dominated by “downstate interests.” She is considering many options for greater autonomy, including allowing upstate New York to become a separate state and joining Pennsylvania.

Aaron Price, Director of “The Gathering Storm” and “Silent No More” believes that a amicable secession joining Pennsylvania in the methods outlined in the US Constitution, is upstate’s best hope at “preserving the values that made upstate great.” He is concerned about population decrease and lack of industrial development in upstate New York.

Jake Palmateer, an upstate New York resident, is part of a family who have been advocating for upstate New York secession for several generations. He tracks the history of the movement, including a recent comment made by 2013 NYC Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner that supported the idea of an autonomous upstate New York.

Gilda Ward, of the Tri County Tea Party, is worried about the degradation of formerly prosperous agricultural areas. She stresses the power of group organization and citizen mobilization in upstate New York activism. She is worried about excessive spending by the government, increased crime in the area, and a brain drain because of lack of opportunity in New York State.