Rural Rumblings: Upstate NY Secession

Month: March 2017

Update 3/29 SUNY Geneseo

This has been a very productive week for Rachel and myself. I personally worked on editing the slideshows, to make them more informative and have them blend more smoothly with the webpage. I did this for both the website homepage and the pages under Social Media groups. This was specifically helpful because it helped balance out our first draft in order to make it as visually pleasing as possible. Along with the info on New Amsterdam, and the various social media groups,  I was also able to do some housekeeping on our sections regarding the “About the Course” Section and ensuring that every header tab had text on it.

I feel that overall, we have a good first draft that has all the information we need on it, but we will need to delve further into the analysis parts over the next month.


Spring Break(?)

I finally got a response from Senator Robach about the questions I sent him a month ago. That is good because now we can consolidate his answers with the ones we get Assemblyman Hawley and look for patterns and common themes in order to make it more navigable on the website. I also added a few tabs to the website and am amending the contract for the final time (hopefully!).

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