Rural Rumblings: Upstate NY Secession

Month: April 2017 (Page 1 of 2)

Update Again

A comment made on Wednesday said that some of our pages didn’t have enough content to justify them being actual pages, so I consolidated a bunch of the social media pages and the analysis onto a parent page. Will be asking for feedback about this Monday/Wednesday.

Progress Report

It’s been a rough busy week here in the Happy Valley of SUNY Geneseo, but I managed to finish up the opposition voices content of the website. It looks good and I am looking forward to hearing comments because I feel like the comment section was the most helpful part of last class!

Update Report #?idk (upstate NY)

In a burst of post-class productivity I sat down and wrote the analysis for the social media section of the project! Now onto exploring the suggestion made during class about some alternate voices who might be against the movement and would add context to our site. This next part is going to be fun because I feel like I am finally going down a road I haven’t gone before!

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