I submitted a progress report about two days ago, but it isn’t showing up… so if anyone can tell me where a progress report might be hidden, that would be good!

I am just going to combine the last report and this one together. Before the weekend, we finally made all of our pages desktop sized which is great because it makes the text more aesthetically appealing, and makes all the slideshows and storymaps bigger and easier to read. I specifically worked on adding analysis to the History section of our website. This part was very rewarding paired with Rachel’s work adding the politician interview analysis because it allows us to weave common threads throughout our project.

I am currently working on adding analysis to the social media parts of the website. Right now, I am trying to see what would be more logical and appealing, adding small sections of analysis throughout the many social media tabs we have, or creating one big block of analysis? The latter might be easier in terms of information consolidation so people don’t have to search for analysis. However, it is a big block of text… which might not be ideal.